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Book "Neapolitano Nima I - The White Diamond"

This stallion of the century is a living legend who has been immortalized on a plaque of famous school stallions in the foyer of the Spanish Riding School.

He enthralled audiences all across the world with his performances, especially his extraordinary levades, until age 26. He has been retired at his old home in Piber for the past 14 years. The employees there take excellent care of him.

„Neapolitano Nima I - The White Diamond“ is a wonderful collection of stories about this fascinating, talented, and quirky stallion who definitely has a mind of his own, and about his trainers and riders. The book also offers interesting insights into the almost 500 year old training philosophy of the SRS as well as the thoughtful approach to raising the young horses. And: the photography in the book is incredible. This makes the book a great read for equestrians and non-equestrians alike.

Author: Rudolf Kuzmicki

  • Publisher: Spanish Riding School Vienna and Riding and Driving Club Piber

  • Language: English

  • size: app. 24 x 16 cm

  • Pages: 95

  • Paperback

  • 1st Edition 2019

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